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A Five-Step Strategy to Start Generating Leads Online

When it comes to generating leads online, there are many strategies to try.

You can for example run paid ads, do email marketing, optimize your website for SEO or create organic social media posts. Besides that, you can also create video (YouTube), audio (podcast) or written (blog) content. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

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Here’s a five-step strategy on how to start generating leads online.


Step 1: Identify your ideal target market

Identifying your target market is a very important first step. It’s crucial to clearly identify your most perfect customer. This is the kind of customer that loves you, loves what you do, wants to tell everyone about you and is willing and able to pay for the value you provide.

It’s important to clearly identify the customer’s:

  • demographic details (age, gender, income, occupation);
  • geographic details (where they live – what city, province, country) and
  • psychographic details (attitudes, interests, beliefs, opinions).

The better you’re able to do this, the more successful your online lead generation will be.

Step 2: Their wants and don’t wants

In this step, you need to identify what your customers want (needs, desires, dreams) and don’t want (fears, frustrations, pains, problems).

Based on these insights, you communicate how your business is uniquely positioned to solve the customers’ problem(s).

Step 3: Give your target market what they want

You’re going to start creating content that directly addresses the customers’ wants and don’t wants. Make sure to use a channel that matches both your content and their consumption style.

You really want to identify what kind of content your ideal target group likes to consume. Is it video, audio, text, or a combination of all three? Once you discovered this, you can deliver that kind of content in exchange for a name, an email or a phone number.

You can also provide your audience with some free content. Just make sure that if you do, you include a relevant call to action. This call to action lets them know what steps they should take next.

Step 4: Use the right channel

In this step you need to identify where your ideal target market is spending its time online. Once you have figured this out, it is easier for you to know on which platform(s) to focus.

Step 5: Accelerate with online advertising

Now we’re at the final step. At this point, we’re going to look at the current strategy. More specifically, we’re going to focus on the current strategy and will try to improve it based on all the information we gained.

How are you going to do this? By doubling down your most effective lead generation content, as well as by increasing your paid advertising.

After all these steps, you have a pretty good idea of what’s going to work and what’s not. Good luck.

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