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Happy Freelancer's Day

On October 7 we celebrate Freelancer Consultant’s Day. 4P square is very proud and more than happy to honor all 4P Freelance Consultants once a year. At that occasion we have asked Hilde Van Malderen to describe what the life of a freelance consultant looks like.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

I am Hilde Van Malderen, a communication consultant, I work sinds August 2019 at 4P square. I focus mainly on corporate communications, press communications and content marketing.

Good communication always starts with language.

That is why I also organize writing workshops. As a writing teacher, I help companies to improve their business communication or teach enthusiasts who see writing as a hobby.

How did you get in touch with 4P square and start working as a freelance consultant?

They found my profile on Linkedin.

What have been your most challenging projects as a freelance marketing consultant?

I often work for companies whose marketing and communications departments are in rebuilding mode. It means that I can help rebuild something from scratch, which is more satisfying than working in a department where everything is already structured.

At De Lijn and OZ I was able to take serious steps in the professionalization of certain parts of their communication and content marketing.

What skillset does a freelance consultant need to be successful?

“A freelancer should be: flexible, curious, structured, and analytical.”

But also empathetic, intelligent, resistant to stress and motivating.


Last but not least, tell us a fun fact about yourself!

In my spare time, I enjoy writing. I already wrote two books and am now working on my third, a thriller!

About the author

Hilde is an experienced consultant in corporate communications, press communications and content marketing. She also organizes workshops for companies or for people who like to write. Moreover, she has also presenter & moderator skills for all kinds of (corporate) events.

Want to know more about Hilde? Feel free to start a conversation with her on LinkedIn.

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