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Kenzo's Consultant Story: I'm an Expat in My Own Country

“After being temporarily unemployed for a few months, 4P square got me a new assignment as a Junior Marketer at an SMB specialised in furtinure & garden supplies near Bruges. As an Anderlecht supporter, I had to adapt to this new city but I was excited to start this new challenge with a blast!” says Kenzo.

First of all, this is a fantastic opportunity to grow personally and professionally. For this assignment, a move to Bruges was necessary. It feels like I’m an expat in my own country.

4P square was kind enough to provide me with an apartment. I have never lived on my own so this is the ideal step forward to step out of my comfort zone, move out and start my own life. Bruges is such a nice city with a lot of things to do, even in times of COVID-19.

The first days at my new project were very interesting. I immediately had the opportunity to manage many projects. I love the fact that I’ve a lot of work on my plate and this is the perfect opportunity to understand the company. Practice makes perfect! And with some help from my amazing colleagues, I know I can get a lot of things done. It is very nice to know you have colleagues who support you throughout this journey.

I’m being treated as a full-time employee and not just the temporary guy who is there to help. The project is really fulfilling, and I am learning a lot about marketing and marcom.

My aim is to keep improving myself all the time. I look forward to overcoming all challenges I’ll face here here and do my best to help the company achieve its goals. Let’s grow!

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