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Justien | Digital project manager | Serviceplan

Justien Thomas is currently working as a Digital Project Manager at Plan.Net. Discover her story and learn more about the journey on her first project.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hello, my name is Justien Thomas and I’m working as a Marketing Consultant at 4P square. I joined this growing company in July 2021. In addition, I enjoy working as a Marketing Consultant because I can gain experience in different industries. Secondly, it allows me to learn about the various aspects of marketing.

I am currently working as a Digital Project Manager at Plan.Net.

What are your main activities at 4P square?

I’m working as a Marketing Consultant for 4P square. At the moment, I’m on an external project as a Digital Project Manager at Plan.Net, which is part of the Serviceplan Group. In further detail, Plan.Net is specialized in digital communications. We have several clients, in different branches. One of our clients is ALDI, which I work for full time.

To plan & to coordinate

My main activity is to plan and coordinate the different digital campaigns for ALDI. Going from reading client briefings, being in the concept phase with the creatives and briefing designers or copywriters to make every campaign a real success.

In your role, why is it important to display your service level in your marketing mix?

In the Serviceplan Group, we have 6 smaller “agencies”, such as Plan.Net, which I am working for. My team is specialized in digital. However, we have other teams specialized in e.g. media & data or programmatic advertising.
That allows Serviceplan to offer a lot of different services to its customers, which makes them stand out from their competitors.

Describe your team and explain what you like the most about being part of that team?

The team at Plan.Net consists of about 20 enthusiastic people. We have webmasters, developers and UX designers. Next to that, we also have :

  • project managers
  • an operation manager
  • a general manager
  • a managing director.

We all have different knowledge and expertise which makes it very interesting and educational for everyone.

What are the three most important takeaways for you?

1. Teamwork

First, for every campaign, we need to make different deliverables, going from homepage or website deliverables, to assets for newsletter, paid banners, … , it’s important to work closely with other departments in the agency such as the other PM’s, designers, copy writers, strategists, …

2. Good & clear communication / briefings

Secondly, for every deliverable we need, we are to prepare briefings. So everyone knows what to do. It’s very important that those briefings are very clear, which makes it more efficient for everyone.

3. Leadership

Finally, apart from teamwork and clear communication, the key to my job is to deliver all the deliverables on time so that the campaign can start on the predefined deadline. Therefore, it’s crucial to be a good leader and to coordinate everything well.

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently with what you have learnt by now?

As a digital project manager, your key responsibility is to keep a good overview of your timings. That way you can deliver everything on time. It’s important to organize everything well and to have a good retroplanning for yourself. At the beginning, I had difficulties with this which gave me a lot of stress every now and then. However, now I prepare a detailed planning for myself on a daily basis, so that I have everything under control. As a result: I have no stress anymore!

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About the author

This article is written by Justien Thomas, an enthusiastic Marketing Consultant at 4P square. She is interested in e-commerce, email marketing, brand management, communication, … Justien is autonomous, ambitious, eager-to-learn and a responsible go-getter who is not afraid to take on a new challenge. Next to this, she loves to help companies reach their marketing goals.

Want to know more about Justien? Feel free to start a conversation with her on LinkedIn.

Justien Thomas

Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketeer | Marcom


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