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Digital Marketing Campaign for B2C company


One of the assignments for an international cosmetics manufacturer was to develop a high-quality digital marketing campaign for one of their product lines. This was in addition to the offline promotions on shop floors that had previously been developed. The objective of this online marketing campaign was to create awareness of these products among the target group and to build up a long-term relationship with that group. This was done with the goal of eventually creating an ambassadorship.


Our client had only recently decided to build up an digital marketing department which meant that there was no decent CRM system available and thus a lack of qualitative and quantitative client information. This made it difficult/almost impossible to personalize the digital marketing campaign, so we had to come up with a plan to create some quick wins.



  • We collected a pool of people using a landing page where they could register for a program;  over the course of a few weeks, they received a number of e-mails providing them with information about all aspects of the product line and some tips and tricks in using the products. We asked a few questions (demographical information and personal interests) in this registration form which allowed us to personalize our emails.
  • We created traffic to the landing page by way of bannering on the website, the online newsletter, social media: Facebook, Twitter, Hyves (these channels allowed us to create a dialogue with our customers), AdWords, articles on partner sites, publicity in stores, word of mouth (online; blogs, etc./offline).
  • The only way to guarantee the success of this high-quality digital marketing campaign was to ensure that it was relevant to the target group. This meant we had to create relevant content which would reach the relevant target group by using relevant media to allow us to capture relevant information about our (potential) clients. We would like to recommend the article ‘The power of storytelling’ for creating useful content. You can also download your free copy of our consultant Raf Stevens’ book ‘No story – No fans’.
  • Those who finished the program received a little reward at the end. This was a sample of a popular product from another product line.



At the end of the program, we also asked them if they would be willing to let us know their opinion about the products. More than 10% of those who registered gave us some feedback which was a successful result. 99% of those who responded were very happy with the products.

Their opinions and the data we collected through the registration form allowed us to get to know our customers better and to see which of them were most influential. This in turn enabled us to approach them to become ambassadors of the products.

In cooperation with Yungo and Starring Jane

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