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How Bolero Became a Front-Runner in the Business

Bolero is an online investment platform on which people can invest independently. The platform was one of the first on the online investment market, but was quickly outclassed by other similar platforms.

Bolero was an outdated platform, had no mobile applications and the product offer was limited. That is why Kunstmaan took on the challenge to transform Bolero into the number one top of mind platform on the online investment market.

Led by Christel Dejongh, the complete customer journey and brand experience was reversed, Bolero won three Effie awards and the platform became number one within its target group.

3 core principles

This radical switch was based on 3 core principles:

  1. A customer experience that is delivered in every interaction
  2. A clear brand guide
  3. A concrete understanding of what the target group feels, thinks and wants.

To succeed in this challenge, Kunstmaan started with a thorough analysis of the customers and the market.

To collect as many human insights as possible, they organized surveys and focus groups and studied best-in-class examples.

Based on these human insights, they defined a clear target group, namely the self-directed investors. These are people who already invest without the help of intermediaries, but not online.

Within this target group, various detailed personas were set up to get a clear view on the (future) Bolero clients.

After this, the investment platform was fully reinvented in a user friendly way to become the new standard for online investing.

The IT-team built the platform in a layered way to make sure each persona can interact with it in a suitable way.

Kunstmaan Interactive launched this new platform with a completely new communication concept:  Bolero, Mighty Easy (for every investor).

To reach all members of the target group, different customers were targeted with different messages. This way, Bolero addresses all (possible) clients with a message that suits their interests.

After a successful launch of the campaign, the number of clients increased with 293%, the amount of assets under management increased with 373% and the number of transactions increased with 320%.

The story continued and the next mission became ‘attracting the new generation investors’. This generation was defined as young, high earners, who are not rich yet.

Those people were reached through the ‘self-investment for the Henry’s’ communication concept, which worked very well.

All these thoughtful steps and choices made Kunstmaan succeed in their goal to make Bolero the number one top of mind online investment platform within the defined target group.

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