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Cultural inclusivity

Inclusivity is a big subject in today’s society. This article will explainall about cultural inclusivity and why it can be helpfull.

Vincent Bragg is the founder of Concreates, a company where ex-detainees and detainees are given an opportunity.

Ibrahim Ouassari from Molengeek offers a job to people without an academic background, because it is normal to not always know what you want to do.

We always think the best marketers went to university and obtained a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree. What if this is not the case? Maybe we can find better marketers in the suburbs? We always talk about inclusivity. However, why do we forget about cultural inclusivity.

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Second chance

A lot of people didn’t go to school or made errors in their life. What should we do with those people? Just let them sit aside and never give them an opportunity? To evolve as a whole population, we must give everyone the chance to grow. We could blame the system and do nothing else to help those people. However, if nobody wants to start helping those people and giving them a second chance, we will not grow.

Vincent Bragg “Creativity without an opportunity leads to criminality”


As a company we should think more in terms of what we can win and how can this man/woman help our organisation? During their presentation, Vincent Bragg and Ibrahim Ouassari have given multiple examples.

From illegal to legal experience

One day Concreates received a rather weird request. They were asked if they could help with the prevention of insurance fraud by testing the new system. So how could they help with that request?

So Concreates started to contact multiple ex-detainees and detainees that were condemned for insurance fraud, for who could help better than people that used to commit fraud in the past?

The opportunity

People continuously grow mentally. A lot of detainees regret their acts and want to change in order to have a better life. Those people want to transform their illegal experiences from the past into legal experiences. By giving them an opportunity, we can avoid them to go back to their past habits and create a better society.

Molengeek projects

At Molengeek, people who didn’t finish their school program or want to make a career change, can follow courses for free.

While being young, we have to make difficult decisions. What do you want to become later? Sometimes people can’t choose and decide to go working immediatley. Some people start their career after they get their degree, but want to change jobs after a few years.

How can we help?

What can we do to help those people? Do we just put them aside and be sad because they didn’t make the choice that fits them best when they were 18 years old?

Molengeek said no to that and believes we need to help people. That’s why everyone can follow courses at Molengeek.

First of all, you can find short courses to learn how to use a certain program. However, you can also choose for long courses. That way you can be ready to start a whole new job like e.g. web development.

What can they provide to your company?

People who have studied at Molengeek can bring a broader view on life and marketing to the table. They aren’t biased by school lessons. That’s why most of them bring a new level of creativity and a new vision to the world. In addition, it is important to have people with another cultural background in a company.

What can 4P square do for you?

At 4P square, we have consultants living all over Belgium with a multiple cultural background. They all have one thing in common: their love for marketing.

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