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Conversion rate optimization: how to build the perfect landing page?

Often one of the main purposes of a website is to generate leads. That all seems to be simple. However to reach that goal, there is always a process we call conversion rate optimization (CRO). How do you build the perfect website? What should be on a landing page to maximize your CRO? You’ll find out here.

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But first: what is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action. To put it simply: you get people do to something.

And what is a conversion?

A conversion is when someone fulfills the action you want them to do. It can take different forms:

  • Visit a store
  • Download whitepaper, e-book, app, …
  • Schedule a call
  • Click through
  • Buying a product
  • Asking for an offer

5 elements every page needs

Before you start building your page, it’s important to think about exactly what to put on it. Here are the 5 elements that every page should definitely have. Taking these into account, will make your pages more conversion driven.

A clear offer

Your offer is how you present your product or service, it should be clear immediately. And it’s also key to repeat your offer multiple times.

Hero section with compelling headline

The hero section is the first section the user sees, is usually referred to as “above the fold”. It’s really important to not waste your time on visuals, copy is king here.

Benefits of your offer

Think about your benefits, your USP’s and highlight these. It should be clear why a user should choose you above your competitors.

Social proof/authority

You can influence your users into taking an action. Make sure to use on your page real customer names and pictures. Or testimonials are also a very effective way to proof that your product or service is good and have a certain authority. Other examples that you can use: quotes, reviews, logos, …

A single conversion goal

Here it is crucial that you focus on what matters, one conversion goal, and ignore everything else. Remove distractions like outbound links or navigation. And of course the most important thing is your CTA, focus on the copy, make it appealing.


Conversion rate optimization is always crucial when creating a website or landing page. With the 5 elements mentioned above, you are already well on your way. Always try to focus on these steps, and then the conversions will flow in by themselves (hopefully anyway …).

About the author

This article is written by Justien Thomas, an enthusiastic Marketing Consultant at 4P square. She is interested in e-commerce, email marketing, brand management, communication, … Justien is autonomous, ambitious, eager-to-learn and a responsible go-getter who is not afraid to take on a new challenge. She loves to help companies reaching their marketing goals.

Want to know more about Justien? Feel free to start a conversation with her on LinkedIn.

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