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Laetitia | Content manager | BSH

Laetitia Thonar is currently working as a content manager at BSH, a company that produces home appliances and digital services. After 7 months, it is time for Laetitia to move to a new project and to think about her journey at BSH. Discover her story and learn more about her journey as a content manager.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Laetitia Thonar and I have been working as a marketing consultant at 4P square for almost 10 months.

Why did you choose for 4P square?

I got in touch with 4P square on LinkedIn when I was actively looking for a marketing job. Soon, I saw a job offer by 4P square and I applied immediately. The variety of clients and projects available, appealed to me.

Moreover, I liked the fact that the company is people-oriented and invests in your development by offering all kinds of marketing training throughout your career.

What were your main activities at BSH?

At BSH I worked as a Content Manager. Here, I managed projects for their 3 different brands:  Bosch, Siemens & NEFF.

My tasks:

Firstly, I was responsible for the translation and copywriting for print and digital media. Moreover, I optimized content and copy for campaigns and promotions. In addition, I was responsible for content releases on BSH’s websites. Here, I did proofreading, translations, and also implementation in the CMS systems.

Lastly, I was also responsible for B2B, B2C, and service newsletters. Most of my time was also dedicated to SEO optimization of new and existing pages, using tools like SEM Rush or Google Trends.

How was your experience working for BSH?

My experience at BSH was challenging. Mainly due to the job of content manager involving a lot of stakeholders from Belgium and from other countries in Western Europe.

In the meantime, the company was also facing a change in its way of working. They shifted from a more traditional way of working to a transversal way of working. This change was already challenging for employees who have been at BSH for years. It speaks for itself that it was even more challenging for external employees like me.

What are you most proud of?

Firstly, thanks to this experience I improved my quick learning skills. I arrived in a new organization that was facing a change in management style.

In a short time, I had to process and understand a lot of information. Moreover, I learned to be flexible because in such big organizations priorities can change quickly.

What about feedback?

Lastly, I learned that asking for feedback and giving feedback can be beneficial for your managers and yourself. It is the best way to build up trust and make some progress on both sides.

Did Laetitia’s experience convince you to become a consultant too?

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About the author

Laetitia is a passionate marketeer who likes to coordinate all kinds of marketing projects. She started her career as a Junior Brand Manager @ MOUREAU and was responsible for a portfolio of 5 luxury brands. She is creative, result-oriented and an eager-to-learn person with a sparkling personality.

Want to know more about Laetitia? Feel free to start a conversation with her on LinkedIn.

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