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Happy 4P square Consultant's Day

On October 7 we celebrate 4P square Consultant’s Day. 4P square is very proud and more than happy to honor all 4P square consultants once a year. At that occasion we have asked Emmanuel Liebaert to describe what the life of a 4P square consultant looks like.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Emmanuel Liebaert and since last year I work as a marketing consultant at 4P square.

How did you get in touch with 4P square and start working as a marketing consultant?

I got in touch with 4P square after graduating with my master’s degree. I was looking for marketing jobs on LinkedIn.

“The variety of clients and projects intrigued me and made me work here.”

What is a typical day like as a consultant?

I currently work as Marketing Automation Specialist for one of our main clients where my typical day starts off around 8:30.

I begin by checking my to-do list for the day or week.

This gives me a better view of my tasks and helps me divide them based on priority.

Usually, I tend to do a quick check of my mail inbox and upcoming meetings. Very often in the morning, there is also a marketing team meeting where we discuss our ongoing projects and their progress.

The rest of my day consists of finishing my To-Do list in order to effectively start the next day and keep the project on track.

What have been your most challenging projects as a marketing consultant?

My most challenging project is probably the one I am doing right now because it involves numerous stakeholders and a long-term approach, which is not always easy. Moreover, the magnitude of the project makes maintaining a 360° view is quite challenging.

What skillset does a 4P marketing consultant need to be successful?

In my humble opinion in order for a consultant to be successful he/she should:

  • Be a quick learner
  • Be able to process a lot of information in a short amount of time
  • Be flexible in terms of adapting to different situations and work environments

Last but not least, tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I speak 5 languages. Dutch, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. And I still aspire to learn one or two more in the future.

About the author

Emmanuel is a quinti-lingual (NL, FR, ENG, SPA, POR) marketing consultant with a rich international background. His adventurous spirit and love for marketing has taken him all around the world. During his early 20’s he lived and worked in Spain, Portugal, and Colombia. His areas of expertise are brand management, content marketing, and strategic marketing. He approaches every marketing project the same way he approaches his day-to-day life: with passion and commitment.

Want to know more about Emmanuel? Feel free to start a conversation with him on LinkedIn.

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