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Emma as a Corporate Communications Expert at Visit Flanders

It is now almost a year since Emma started working as a Marketing Consultant at 4P square. Discover her consultant story to learn more about her journey and experience so far.

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What background do you have?

First, I started working at 4P square right after my graduation in 2020. My background is mainly in communications, as I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Management and a Master’s degree in multilingual communications. Furthermore, I have also obtained a Master’s degree in Business Economics. 

What was your first project at 4P square?

I started my first project at the marketing department of Securex. It was a short but fascinating project in a fun environment!

What’s your current project and what do you like most about it?

Next, I have joined in June 2020 the corporate communications team at Visit Flanders. Here, I assist in all external corporate communication operations.

Overall, I think it is a fun project because of the diverse tasks and the many learning opportunities. Email marketing, social media management, writing newsletters and news articles for the corporate website, etc. are all part of the job. And besides those day-to-day tasks, I am also involved in some bigger projects such as producing the annual report. 

What are your main strengths? Where would you like to improve?​

Above all, I feel quite comfortable when it comes to content marketing.

Of course, there are also many areas in which I can still improve myself. At this moment, for instance, I really want to expand my knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

Fortunately, we get the opportunity to develop ourselves within 4P square. We get to choose what kind of training courses we want to follow in the near future, for instance.

What do you like the most about being a consultant?

Firstly, as a consultant, you are learning on a regular basis. You learn not only to cope with new company environments and colleagues, but also to work with new tools and technologies.

Moreover, the many networking opportunities are a big plus.  

And above all, the biggest advantage is the reward you get from being able to share your experience and knowledge with others.  

About the author

Emma is a driven marketer with experience in (digital) marketing, communications and advertising in (inter)national environments. She’s familiar with marketing communications, branding, content and email marketing, website and social media management, and several other marketing practices.  

Currently, Emma is working in the corporate communications department of Visit Flanders. She takes care of all external B2B communication.

Do you like her consultant story? Do you want to contact her? Connect via LinkedIn or reach out through the 4P square contact form. 

Emma Demuynck

Marketing Consultant

Marcom, Copy & Events


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