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3 Tips to boost your online visibility in Google search!

Although many people think of Google as a search engine, today it has evolved to something beyond that. With more than a trillion pages on the web, the search engine is an important place for digital traffic. For business owners and digital marketeers, the mystery around Google’s search algorithm can be frustrating sometimes.  This blog gives you three tips to boost your digital visibility by using the Google search algorithm!

Let's improve your online visibility!


What are Google search algorithms?

Google uses a set of guidelines known as algorithms to rank websites in search results. In order to understand what users are looking for, Google’s sophisticated technology extracts data from pages to rank them according to relevance and quality. The web page with the most desirable characteristics will appear at the top of the page rankings.

How does the google algorithm work and why is it important?

Google doesn’t have a blueprint that shows exactly how the Google algorithm functions. However SEO experts have gained a good understanding of how search engine spiders work through a lot of testing. That way digital businesses can improve a website’s search engine rankings in order to capture more organic traffic . Here are 3 tips to help you optimize your website and achieve the highest position in the search engine results!

Have relevant content

First of all, make sure that the content on your pages is relevant and rich. Establish an actual topic and ensure that your content is relevant to the search query by using the right keywords in your text. This basic on page SEO increases the chances of your content being read.

Ensure user experience

Make sure your website works fluently and improve your loading speed because Google tracks it. The algorithm prefers sites that:

  • Have fast loading times
  • Are compatible with different devices
  • Load and appear appropriately on various browsers

Optimize Meta descriptions

Lastly, use unique meta descriptions for each page and avoid duplicating content at all times. A meta description is the first thing seen in the results page, so make sure it’s intriguing and captivating!

About the author

Nadir is an enthusiastic junior Marketer with a passion for content, social media and search engine marketing. He is currently working as a Marketing student at 4P square, a leading sales & marketing consulting company in the Benelux,

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