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Chelsea as a B2B marketing and communication manager

9 months ago, Chelsea started working as a Marketing Consultant at 4P square. Discover her story and learn more about her journey and experience so far.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hello, my name is Chelsea and I’m 25 years old. I’m currently working as a Marketing Consultant for 4P square since May 2021.

What does your project at Roularta Local Media look like? What are your main activities?

As a B2B Communication & Marketing Manager at Roularta Local Media I am able to streamline the communication between sales and marketing. Furthermore, I am responsible for the communication tools, such as the sales tool, emails, content marketing, sales forms, and so on. I have also worked on B2C and B2B events, such as Job Village and Nieuwbouw zondag.

How is your experience working for Roularta? Are there any difficulties you must handle?

I have the feeling that I am a part of the team, because they listen to my ideas, use or appreciate my suggestions. It is very important to work in a structured way in order to manage several projects at the same time. Prioritizing deadlines for multiple projects is the most challenging aspect of my job at Roularta.

I have the feeling that I am a part of the team, because they listen to my ideas and use or appreciate my suggestions.

What are the three most important takeaways for you?

The first take away is to prioritise the many tasks you get, which leads me to the second takeaway: ask for help when you’re stuck on a project or if you need assistance. Thirdly, I would say it is important to be social and to work closely with your team since this will make your project go faster and be more enjoyable.

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