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Application process to become a marketing consultant

At 4P square, we are passionate about marketing & sales. Our clients know that they can contact us for any kind of marketing expertise and finding those marketing enthusiasts for building the best team is what we’re constantly looking for. Find out how our application process for marketing consultant goes, how we learn about you (if you are the next one?) – and how you can learn about 4P square.

Apply for marketing consultant

What you need to know to become part of our winning team.

First of all, it takes a completed CV with marketing experience or education to upload to our website. Don’t forget to add your information so we can contact you for further discussion. Eva also contacts talents she tracks down herself via LinkedIn. When you’re CV is uploaded, our recruiters will do a screening within a week and contact you by phone for further details.

During this phone call, we check if you are a match as a consultant. Do you like working for new companies? Are you flexible to move around Belgium? A team player? Interested in different company cultures/ brands/ products? Then you could be the match we need! We also introduce ourselves by giving you more information about the job description.

Did the call go well? Nice! Let’s book a first online call to discuss your experience in marketing and education. We go a little further on your consultant profile as mentioned in the phone call. We like a two-way conversation so of course, we’ll go deeper into what we as a company are and standing for. During this call, we’re also curious about your soft skills and motivation to work for 4P square. Further? We also check what you like and dislike. So we can work on a learning passport to grow your marketing skills.

As preparation for the second interview, we’ll send you a personality test about soft skills, motivation and interests. We do this because a person that likes to work alone won’t be the match we’re looking for.  The second interview will be In our office in Mechelen with the CEO (Raf) or an account manager. Hereby we will go a little bit deeper into your hard skills, check your personality test results (also what you’re thinking about this test), fill in your learning passport to know your marketing knowledge theoretical and practical so we can make a personal education plan.

You can receive feedback anytime in the process. Open communication is a very important value of 4P square and from the start, we will let you know if you’ll go to the next interview or receive a proposal. When you start at 4P square we will search for a match between our open projects and your education and experience. In a positive screening, the process is about 2-3 weeks between interview and proposal.

Are you our next call?

Apply for marketing consultant

Chelsea De Wael

Marketing consultant

Product Management | Brand Marketing | Marcom


"Purpose fuels passion"