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Are you curious about how candidate marketing consultants experienced the 4P square application process? How do they find us? What triggers them to choose for 4P square? What do they need to know?

We have asked two of our most recently hired marketing consultants Sabri Aba and Géraldine Vanlancker about their experience.

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How did you find 4P square?

Géraldine: Eva has contacted me via a Linkedin message in which she asks me to have a short phone call. During the call I have immediately received a lot of information about what consulting is, what 4P stands for, and how the company could help me grow my marketing career. After that, an interview has been planned.

Sabri: I have been actively searching on the internet for a consulting agency to work for. When discovering the 4P square website, I have taken my chance by completing the application form.

How did the application go?

Géraldine: My first interview was a smooth talk about my experience in the past and what I’ve learned at school. The interview was online through a video call. The second interview was with the Managing Consultant Steven and  was planned to happen in real life. However, due to Corona it also turned out into a Teams meeting.

During that second meeting it has immediately caught my attention how enthusiastic he is about the jobs at 4P and the company itself. This has given me a great feeling about the 4P square culture. Furthermore, I have discussed my language – and soft/ hard skills.

Sabri is also very positive about the application process:

Sabri: A few weeks later I got a call from the 4P square recruiter. She has organized a Teams call and we have talked about my studies and experience as a student. I got enthusiastic about what the company has to offer and the conversation with the recruiter has been very positive.

Secondly, I have also had a meeting with the CEO Raf, which went very well. At the end of the interview, I have been told that I would be receiving a salary proposal. I like that kind of open communication from the start.

What made you choose for 4P square?

Géraldine: After two interviews, I got a warm and enthusiastic feeling about the company.

The main other reasons I choose for 4P square:

  • The passion of the team
  • Kindness and collegiality
  • Support and education

All of those are key elements I am looking for in my next professional challenge.

Sabri: The difference between 4P square and other agencies is that they are expert in marketing. They focus on marketing trends, tools, expertise, and so on. When in contact with other agencies, they put the focus mainly on other aspects that are not so much in my interest.

Have Sabri and Géraldine convinced you to give it a try?
Don’t hesitate and contact us to kickstart your career as a marketing consultant at 4P square.

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