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Chelsea De Wael has recently finished her project as a B2B communications manager at Roularta Local Media. While waiting for her next consultancy project, she supports the internal 4P square marketing team.

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Can you describe yourself and explain your position at 4P square?

Hello, my name is Chelsea and I am currently working as a marketing consultant at 4P square. Recently, I finished my first consultancy project at Roularta. As a result, I am now supporting the internal 4P square marketing team.

What is the reason you chose for 4P square?

I’ve chosen for 4P square because the company offers a lot of variation in projects.  In addition, 4P square also enables me to grow in order to become a senior marketing consultant by developing a learning passport to increase my hard and soft skills.

Last but not least, I feel attracted by the open way of communication and the fact that it is a really people oriented consultancy company.

What do you find the most challenging in your job at 4P square?

The most challenging in my job at 4P square is changing my mindset from an employee to a marketing consultant mindset. The main difference is that you need to look for leads, expand your network and achieve strong project management skills.

Can you describe 4P square in 3 words?

If I need to describe my experience at 4P square In three words, I would say:

  • growth
  • entrepreneurial
  • supportive

How does 4P square help you with your personal development?

4P square helps me with my personal development in terms of being independent and proactive. Moreover, I have been able to increase my project management – and social selling skills, but most importantly I have gained more self confidence in what I do and the domains I still want to grow in.

Has Chelsea’s story convinced you to become a marketing consultant too?

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About the author

Chelsea is a Creative Marketer who likes to analyse figures and customer behaviour. Experienced in Product Marketing, Category Management and Marcom. She started her career as Product Manager in Haier Benelux where she had a lot of responsibilities and learned to think and work as an entrepreneur. For Chelsea, it is important to be challenged and make a business grow. She is an enthusiast consultant that will always have a big smile on her face.

Want to know more about Chelsea? Feel free to start a conversation with her on LinkedIn.

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