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How can artificial intelligence improve digital marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) sounds familiar to many people and is sometimes still associated with science fiction. Despite its stereotypes, we already live in a world powered by AI. It has disrupted many industries such as finance, automotive, or healthcare and will continue to act as an innovator. Slowly but surely, artificial intelligence is starting to take up much space in the digital marketing sector.

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What is AI?

Let’s focus on a short definition. In simple words, artificial intelligence is a powerful machine using big data that perform tasks usually done by humans. Moreover, it has two subsets:

  • Machine learning: enables one to predict future outcomes based on historical data.
  • Deep learning: a set of neural networks and algorithms capable of imitating human behavior.

How are AI and digital marketing linked?

Link between artificial intelligence and marketing

The benefit of this modern technology in the marketing field is that it has the potential to improve customer experience, ROI of marketing efforts, and the overall business.

Whether a purchase is made on an e-commerce website or a Brick and mortar store, artificial intelligence can use its systems to collect data to better understand consumer needs and preferences. As a consequence, it helps to provide more accurate data and allows marketers to deliver personalized customers experiences.

Artificial intelligence lags a little behind compared to other sectors because some marketers are not yet familiar with it. Today, AI remains for companies an opportunity still under-exploited to support Chief Marketing Officers in their decision-making or process automation.

Furthermore, AI also provides more accuracy by limiting human error by using nothing but data. However, human intervention is still needed to create a real connection with customers, which machines can’t achieve. But who knows what the future holds.

You are probably wondering what kind of strategies could be implemented for your future marketing efforts. First, let’s dig into some artificial intelligence integration that has been a great success and has already disrupted marketing strategies.


Chatbots are a true game-changer

This strategy allows automating various tasks such as customer communication. For instance, a company could answer quickly about frequently asked questions. Moreover, chatbots can also make sure that every customer’s request is responded to and can even generate leads and sales. Discover three reasons why chatbots are the future of marketing.

Voice search SEO

Marketers have often underestimated voice search.

However, according to ComScore, more than half of smartphone users have used this technology last year. Compared to traditional search, voice search has an effortless and faster use and is more conversational.

Therefore, marketers who can adapt their strategy to voice search and optimize their content using appropriate detailed keywords and natural language expressions will significantly improve the SEO and be top-ranked.

Augmented Reality

Beyond the boundaries of gaming.

Combining these two different technologies (AR & AI) has become crucial for making a user experience exciting and enjoyable.

First, it can have a meaningful impact on the consumer decision-making process by visualizing or trying products from make-up to home furniture before purchase. Besides, AR can also offer tailored experiences to access more information about a product or service or even discover other unique experiences related to the brand that can trigger buzz around it.

Lastly, thanks to AI, customers can even participate in designing their end-product which can boost their expectations. To sum up, AI and AR are technologies that can significantly help upgrade the customer experience and increase business opportunities and sales.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is a technology that is everywhere.

It enables advertisers to buy digital advertising space by auction to publishers. The benefit is that brands can target precisely the right audience on a wide range of digital media using proper advertising formats and algorithms.

However, the final user can also benefit from it. They will see more appropriate ad content and will be less overwhelmed by irrelevant ones.

In short, this illustrates that the combination of algorithms, data, and human expertise allows brands to connect with their target audience across various media while creating tailored, relevant and engaging messages.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is a cutting-edge technology that can do wonders for businesses. The technology and the suitable algorithms generated by AI could create impressive customer experiences and business performance. The key is transforming artificial into intelligence by associating it with a human touch owning creativity and marketing insight.

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Laetitia is a passionate marketeer who likes to coordinate all kinds of marketing projects. She started her career as a Junior Brand Manager @Moureau NV and was responsible for a portfolio of 5 luxury brands. She is creative, result-oriented and an eager-to-learn person with a sparkling personality.

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