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Webinar recap: dare to be Agile. Switch to Agile Marketing.

It is not about Scrum. It is about lean marketing.

4P square recently organised a webinar about “Agile Marketing” for the 4P square marketing community. It was a great webinar about lean marketing, with as guest speakers and Agile marketing experts Wendy De Vries en Cedric Schoonbrood. This highly interactive webinar got a net promotor score of 9.5. I would like to share the key insights about Agile Marketing with you.

But first, why this webinar about “Agile Marketing”? Speed becomes more and more key in lean marketing. Too many marketeers are breeding too long on the conception, design, and planning of their marketing campaigns. By the time the campaigns are launched, the momentum has often passed, and bottom-line impact vanished. Marketeers need to become leaner and meaner. Do not hesitate to launch multiple tests and to go faster. Dare to act! Dare to test. Measure results and become a lean marketeer. This is basically the fundament of growth marketing too.

At 4P square, we are getting hundreds of requests for consulting and interim management in marketing and sales, each year. More and more “Agile” becomes a key competence in the request. Do not become the dinosaur that forgot to adapt.

My personal key insights about Agile marketing.

Above all, Agile Marketing is a mindset, not a methodology, tool, or ICT thing. It is a mindset that starts with changing your own personal attitude. Dare to implement ideas, test them, measure them, and accept multiple failures. Be sure, some of your tests will be successful and will be able to be turned into larger projects and eventually into continuously ongoing marketing success.

The four basic Agile marketing values.

  1. Individuals and interactions (teamwork) are more important than processes and tools.
  2. Delivered outcome is more important than comprehensive documentation.
  3. Customer collaboration is more important than contract negotiation.
  4. Responding to change is more important following your marketing plan.

A potential methodology which is often used for Agile Marketing is Scrum. It is just a methodology that lean marketeers adopted from their ICT colleague’s. You surely have heard about Product owners, Sprints, Stand-up meetings, Product backlogs, … This is Scrum. It is a great methodology, supported by many companies and teams. It is a great methodology too, but do not forget Agile Marketing is above all a mindset. Scrum is a methodology that aims to help you to become a lean marketeer. Scrum is not a goal. As marketeers our goal is to realise bottom line impact.

Dare to change.
Become an Agile Marketeer.

Contact our experienced marketing & sales consultants who love to help you with agile marketing.

About the author

Raf Van Puyvelde is founder and manager of 4P square. He started as a marketeer in 1989. Developed to an all-round marketing expert with experience in marketing strategy, marketing management and customer value management in a corporate environment.

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