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Tiffany | Account manager | CCX

Tiffany Dubois is currently working as an account manager at CCX, Colruyt Group’s marketing and communication agency. Discover her story and learn more about the journey on her first project.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am a marketing consultant at 4P square. I started working at 4P since August 2021.

What does your project at Colruyt look like? What are your main activities?

Currently, I am working at CCX (Customer Communication & Experiences), Colruyt Group’s marketing and communication agency. I am working in the food team and I am responsible for the assignments of 2 different retailers: OKay and Bio-Planet.

As an Account manager or PC (Project Coordinator, as they call it at CCX), you are the most important link between the partner and the internal experts such as: communication strategists, photographers, designers, copywriters, digital specialists, production employees and many others.

We receive briefings from our partners, which we translate into a strong communication concept including the follow up of the full development (i.e. the scope, timing and budget) till the final result. It can go from instore marketing, print, POS, to digital, video, e-mail marketing and social media or full 360° campaigns.

How is your experience working for Colruyt? Are there any difficulties you must handle?

My experience so far has been very positive. I was welcomed by an enthusiastic team that values collegiality and close cooperation. That suits perfectly with my personality. Also, I have always been interested in the retail industry. So of course, I am very happy to work for Colruyt Group, a Belgian family business that has grown into one of the largest retail corporations in Europe.

What is the biggest challenge? What are you most proud of?

Done well?

I was able to quickly establish a good relationship with the partners and to manage the different projects for those two big food retailers.

Done differently?

Due to covid measures, we were not able to work at our partner’s offices or to have face-to-face contacts. However,  I hope we will get the chance soon and have the opportunity to have real live meetings with the marketing teams.

What are the 3 most important takeaways for you?

  • Strong organization with planning skills – You need to set the priorities and be flexible enough to adjust them along the way.
  • Clear communication with customer focus – You must communicate your ideas clearly and communicate smoothly with both partners and creatives.
  • Leadership with a result-oriented mindset – You guide project teams so you must coach them and help them in such a way that they can work in the best possible conditions, and you will be able to deliver projects on time and achieve the objectives.
  • Last but not least, being a real team player – it’s important that your colleagues can count on you.

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About the author

Tiffany is a passionate marketing consultant with strong communication skills. She has a first experience at L’Oréal in Corporate Communication and Product Management. Followed by experience in the retail sector at ISFI spices. She is a real team player, with an open mindset, emphatic approach and eye for detail. Tiffany loves to take on new challenges with a positive attitude, motivation and dedication.

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Tiffany Dubois

Marketing Consultant

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