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Accelerating Customer Experience for Eneco

Eneco is an integrated energy company focused on 100% sustainable and green energy. The company is the pioneer in sustainable energy in Europe and operates in 5 countries, including Belgium. Let’s have a talk with the customer experience manager, Klaus Mariën.

4P square as accelerator for Customer Experience

To ease the workload of the marketing & communication team, 4P square offered a fast solution, hands-on mentality and a consultant that matched with the job.

This combination made it possible to boost several customer experience projects and obtain great results.

Klaus Mariën is Customer Experience Manager at Eneco Belgium. The company produces and distributes electricity from 100% renewable resources to private and professional customers.

Their mission is to make sustainable energy accessible and affordable for everyone. In order to serve all these customers in the best possible way, the marketing & communication team needed extra manpower.

“We had several ideas around customer experience, just waiting to be picked up. We needed a temporary enforcement of our team to speed up these projects. It had to be someone with a hands-on mentality and ready to dive in.”

Express delivery at a good price

“We wanted to move forward with our customer experience projects as soon as possible. The process between the call for help and the proposal of consultants went the fastest and smoothest with 4P square,” Klaus explains when asked why he chose 4P square.

“After the briefing, 4P square’s account manager quickly sent several profiles.” 4P square applies a ‘90-48-90’ principle. In 90% of cases, 4P square delivers a consultant within 48 hours, with at least 90% match with the ideal profile.

“There was a very good match between the requirements and the suggested consultants. 4P square also offers an excellent price/quality ratio”, Klaus adds.

Cultural fit and great results

“Once the consultant started at Eneco, it was key that she would rapidly pick up new things and get involved immediately. This isn’t always easy for a junior consultant, but she managed to adapt to the situation quickly.

That’s something I appreciate with 4P square. They have a good company culture, with a philosophy to be hands-on and driven. The consultants take this mentality with them and perform accordingly on their assignments.”

“4P square consultants have all-round profiles. Even the junior consultants are able to execute every aspect, going from the conceptual to implementation.

4P square makes sure there is a cultural fit, a match between company and people. This leads to great results. We had the right person in the right place at the right time. The goal was to speed up the customer experience story, and she succeeded in doing exactly that.”

“I would certainly recommend 4P square if you’re looking for a marketing and sales consultant. If we ever need extra support again, we will definitely contact 4P square. They provide a good service orientation, fast delivery and expert knowledge.”

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