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4P Square Supports Kinderarmoedefonds

Child poverty is a multidimensional problem. It’s the result of a mix of income, labor, level of education of the parents, housing and more. The weight of these individual factors influences the impact on a child’s personal growth and psychological development.

High-income countries only allocate just 2% of their Corona support measures to help children and their families. According the a recent UNICEF report, this is a structural imbalance that will take at least 5 years before it restores the situation to its pre-COVID status. The amount of financial support is disproportional to the effects of the pandemic.

As we are navigating through unprecedented challenging times, of the 159 types of compensation efforts taken, only 16 initiatives were specifically for children. To quote Philippe Heron, spokesman of UNICEF Belgium, “this turns this health crisis into a childrens’ rights crisis”. [source: Innocenti Research Center, UNICEF – Report Child Poverty in 49 OECD countries and the EU]

As individuals we can feel powerless to make a difference against these overwhelming statistics, but many charities run hugely successful programs which make real impact on the lives of children living in poverty.

Kinderarmoedefonds” is one of these organisations which structurally supports initiatives that aim to provide a better future and better chances in life for children with a less fortunate background. In Flanders, 1 in 7 children is born in poverty or in underpriviledged circumstances. 130.000 children. Every year. That is simply atrocious and unacceptable.

That’s why 4P square is proud to contribute to the Kinderarmoedefonds this year – on behalf of our clients – and donate the entire budget of the annual gift baskets.  With everybody working from home and the additional imposed restrictions regarding social interactions, it’s just not possible to keep up with our long-established arrangement to provide a warm moment at work together and celebrate a productive and fruitful relationship.

Instead, with our modest contribution we’re supporting initiatives to increase these childrens’ chances in their professional life, helping them to discover and pursue their talents and help reducing the chances of them becoming parents who live in poverty.

Especially in today’s context and now more than ever, we felt this was the best decision to make.  We hope we’ll  inspire others to do the same. Together, we can make a difference and provide a little bit of light in an exceptionally dark time.

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