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Boosting Segmentation and Marketing Research for Eni

Eni is a major integrated energy company. In Belgium, Eni markets directly and distributes electricity, natural gas and mineral products, in particular heating oil, bitumen and lubricants to about 600.000 private and professional customers.

Our joint objective was to gear Eni’s products and services better to the market needs by means of a study.

4P square and Eni: an energetic match (segmentation study)

“The energy market is constantly on the move. In order to quickly and professionally anticipate the market opportunities, we regularly appeal to 4P square consultants to temporarily reinforce our marketing team.

These assignments can be purely operational, but also advisory. 4P square is very involved and is proactively on the lookout for suitable profiles.

As such, they always act on short notice and quickly offer us the consultants and interim managers we need. Our longtime cooperation with 4P square has always been very smooth and flexible.”

Segmentation study and market research approach

“Recently we had several projects which were aided by 4P square consultants. Firstly, our objective was to gear our products and services better to the market needs.

Therefore, a senior 4P square’s consultant worked closely together with our market intelligence team to conduct a segmentation study.

This study allowed us to distinguish 5 segments, which Eni will now each target with a different approach and specific marketing actions.

Secondly, our Business Intelligence Manager called in a 4P square consultant to screen and streamline our market research approach.

Thanks to the consultant’s knowledge and skills, we were able to challenge our research partners on a methodological and intrinsic level. The result: we got more and better information at a lower cost.

Next to that, we asked for a 4P square consultant to temporarily fulfill the role of trade marketing support in our MarCom team.

The consultant was fully operational in no time — even to the extent that we didn’t want to let the consultant go.

We can conclude that all projects run by 4P square delivered good results for us at Eni.
Would we work with 4P square again?

If there are new opportunities to emerge, we’ll be sure to contact 4P square again — they know perfectly what we want and need.”

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