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We’re one of Belgium’s leading consulting firms, offering marketing and sales consulting and interim management to top 1,500 companies in the Benelux region for almost 20 years.

Through our strategy consulting, we advise companies on how to increase brand equity, grow their revenues and control costs.

Unique knowledge, cross-industry experience
& immediate ROI

We can help you unlock your potential by offering unique marketing and sales knowledge and cross-industry experience that will enrich your business. Our flexibility means you get the skills you need, when you need them, for as long as you need them.

And with bottom-line impact, our cost-effective solutions bring you an immediate return on investment. Find out what sets us apart from our competitors.

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Expanding your possibilities is our mission

At 4P square, five core values drive everything we do, both internally and in our relationships with our clients: excellence, challenge, respect, engagement and openness.

We strongly believe in expanding your possibilities as a shared mission. This belief – one which our customers share and support – is one of the reasons why we are often selected as preferred partner by companies from all industries and of all sizes.

To find a perfect match between our clients’ expectations and our consultants’ expertise we reflect our five core value model in everything we do, both internally and our relationships with our clients.

  • Excellence: we strive for a top quality service by always applying the highest standards in everything we do.
  • Challenge: we challenge our clients’ way of working in order to improve their overall business needs.
  • Respect: we handle all situations and people with respect, in every possible way.
  • Engagement: we strongly believe that being engaged is vital to our clients’ success, as well as to our own.
  • Openness: we adopt an open attitude to others and always communicate in a 100% transparent way.

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“Five core values drive everything we do: excellence, challenge, respect, engagement and openness”
~ 4P square

Meet our team

The 4P square team is a dynamic team of marketing and sales professionals, ready to tackle your next challenge.

Our team is made up of a healthy mix of consultants and managers, both freelancers and in-house, and always living up to 4P square’s high standards.

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Interim management & strategy consulting in sales and marketing

Looking for a strategy consultant or an interim manager to help you expand your possibilities and achieve the bottom-line results you dream of?

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We always strive for excellence when it comes to choosing the consultants and managers who work with us, and to the service we offer to our clients. This focus has already helped us to achieve great results, and our key figures speak for themselves.

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